Career Services

MyKerjaya in partnership with MyPath to provides a complete suite of human capital solutions driven by our business passions, personal beliefs, and social values. With more than 40 years of accumulated team experience working with industries, corporations, academic institutions, and graduates, MyPath provides solutions and support to both our Employers as well as Career- seekers.

MyCareer is a division of MyPath focus to deliver career support to Job-seekers & Career-seekers. Planning a progressive career path with continuous growth is important for self-happiness and fulfillment which in turn contributes to the bottom-line and growth of any organization in the industry.  You start from a Job and land on a better career path.

With this belief, we have custom-designed our suite of services to support our job/career-seekers, both active and passive.

Our Committed Career Services for Career-seekers

Working Adults

  • *Personalized Career Matching – Support to Match and Market you to find your ideal career
  • *1:1 Career Coaching – Support you to find your career path
  • *Program KerjayaKu – Support Malaysian in better employment
  • Discover MyCareer Interest Profile – Assist individual who wants to know what job they should apply in-line with their interest to secure a fulfilled & purposeful career or should they venture out to something different?

Not sure which solutions is right for you,  contact our Careerlist NOW if any of the above services & solutions meets your needs.